The start of Vidras Group

Michèl Evers and Dick Broekhuis

2014-05-16 15.10.37Vidras Group started in 2010 when Michèl and Dick participated in a start-up company. From then, the joint ideas to create a better world were born. Dick elaborated his ideas in the direction of waste tire recycling in his company Crassus Advise4you. Michèl developed a business concept for the production of affordable bottled drinking water for low-income people in his company Vidare Clean Water. The concept was implemented in Kenya and India and preparations were done for Ghana and Peru.

In 2012 Michèl and Dick started combining ideas, driven by some prospects. The main idea was to combine waste issues with drinking water issues.

This idea solves three world issues at once:
1. pollution of the world with a fast growing amount of city waste (municipality solid waste)
2. shortage of electricity, as produced renewable energy product, in many parts of the world, especially in fast-growing countries
3. shortage of clean and safe drinking water, affordable for low-income people.

Since then, several business plans and cases have been developed, technological designs have been elaborated and technology partners have been selected.  Finally in 2013 Michèl and Dick made the choice to combine forces in their own joint company: Vidras Group, which was established in 2014. The integral and profitable concept “from city waste to energy” with “no waste left” meets a growing enthusiasm in many parts of the world: Latin America, Middle East, Africa and Asia.