Vidras green Hydrogen Facility

Vidras Group in close cooperation with its technology partners, developes a green H2 facility using complex waste as fuel.  

Vidras Group is preparing a unique Hydrogen plant in the North of The Netherlands to produce green H2 and liquid CO2. Out of complex waste. The uniqueness of the application regards the feedstock. The fuel for the H2 production is NOT electrolyzed from solar or wind but complex WASTE. This could be non-recyclable waste like composites, e.g. windmill blades, car shredder residue, non-recyclable plastics, or any other waste which cannot or hardly be recycled or incinerated.

This unique solution solves three issues at one time:

  1. a solution to get rid of complex waste what only can be incinerated or dumped
  2. for production of the fuel for the future H2.
  3. capturing the embedded CO2 in the waste, without polluting the air (emission-free).

The Hydrogen plant will be developed in close cooperation with a more than 15 years experienced technology partner in the field of gasification.

The technology is proven, using a kiln reactor and a plasma reactor (see flow chart). The production is not dependent on the presence of the sun or the wind. Also, it does not need expensive batteries for temporary storage. A few plants in EU already are operating with this technology. It is the most cost–efficient method for recycling/recovering windmill blades (see report of Wind Europe, May 2020).

A feedstock of approx. 22.000 ton, enables to produce some 5.000 ton H2 and 50.000 ton liquid CO2 per year as finished products. The H2 will be transported using the refurbished gas grid from GasUnie. The liquid CO2 can be used for horticulture purposes. Currently, Vidras Group is developing the business plan for this new Hydrogen Plant and is interested in partnerships.