Disclaimer and Privacy

Disclaimer emails by Vidras Group and her subsidiaries:

Any information transmitted by means of email(s) (and any of its attachments) by officers, employees or associates of Vidras Group is intended exclusively for the addressee or addressees and for those authorized by the addressee or addressees to read this message. Any use by a party other than the addressee or addressees is prohibited. The information contained in the emails (or any of its attachments) by Vidras Group may be confidential in nature and fall under a pledge of secrecy and the attorney-client privilege.
Nothing in the emails may be used without permission of the rightful owner.

Received privacy information from clients will be saved per project and only used for the execution of the project. Information will not be saved in the cloud. Vidras will nog use private information for generic marketing. Any questions regarding privacy issues can be addressed to the CEO of Vidras Group.

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