The Netherlands

Vidras Group has developed/is developing the following projects in the Netherlands:

Vidras Decentral Waste Treatment:
A quick scan for a grocery to treat their waste on the location of the grocery store.
A dedicated approach per store depending on the waste mix: no transport costs anymore.
Treatment of on average 1 ton per day organic/non-organic waste.

Vidra Biomass Waste to Energy Facility:
Biomass waste from Greenhouse growers/Supermarkets and Flower bulbs:
55.000 ton/year; Green gas production circa 4,5 million Nm3 /year
Mechanical Biological Treatment and Gasification of own waste.
Link to Dutch factsheet  VBCA teaser 14mrt 2019
See the full scope plan:

Renewable clean air
Clean air solution with sustainable plants capturing NOx and CO2 from highways.
A circular solution whereby harvested plants will be cleaned and fermented in an industrial Vidras Digester and the electricity and digestate will be used to grow new plants and improve the soil.
For Dutch explanation, see doc: My Earth Factsheet Duurzaam Prestatiegroen, oct 2018

CAT 1 Waste
Cat 1 and 3 food waste from airlines
15.000 ton/year. Electricity production 21.600 MWe/year
2 lines gasification. 100% circular solution
(under development)