The Netherlands

Vidras Biowaste Energy Agriport – Facility:
Biomass waste from Greenhouse growers/Supermarkets and Flower bulbs:
60.000 ton/year; Green gas production circa 5,7 million Nm3 /year
Mechanical Biological Treatment and Gasification of own waste.
Link to Dutch factsheet  Vidras VBEA Agriport teaser 010422 

See the full scope plan:

Vidras Group has developed/is developing the following projects in the Netherlands:

Vidras Hydrogen Agriport:
A unique combination of
1. Transforming non-recyclable waste, like greenhouse non-bio waste, windmill blades, polyester ships, airplane parts into fuel for the future: H2.
2. Production via a plasma gasfication plant, producing 5.000 ton green H2 per year and 50.000 ton liquid CO2 for horticulture.

Vidras Decentral Waste Treatment:
A quick scan for a grocery to treat their waste on the location of the grocery store.
A dedicated approach per store depending on the waste mix: no transport costs anymore.
Treatment of on average 1 ton per day of organic/non-organic waste.