Municipality Solid Waste

Vidras Group has a unique concept for the treatment of Municipality Solid Waste.
We end up with No Waste, don’t use incineration and close landfills!
Our plants are clean, odorless and have no emissions.  

This concept is part of our AUTARKY PLUS© concept.


We have standardized modular solutions for MSW plants with a capacity of 250 ton/day, 500 ton/day or 1000 ton/day. Above 1000 ton/day, we suggest splitting MSW locations due to logistical issues.

Our plants roughly consist of three stages:
1. pre-treatment: separation of MSW in mainly usable recyclables and rest fraction,
2. treatment of organics (fermentation) and non-organics (RDF refining),
3. post-treatment: production of electricity or natural gas, production of compost out of digestate dry fraction and purified water out of digestate wet fraction.

Some pictures of the different stages.
1. pre-treatment, click MSW Pre Treatment
2. treatment of organics (fermentation), click MSW Fermentation
3. post-treatment, click MSW Post Treatment

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