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Feasibility Study

Every project starts with a detailed feasibility study. This study provides answers for the set up of the waste collection and treatment chain including the chosen end products. The study also is the basis for the business plan, business case, investment proposal and funding structure.

Technology Provider

Vidras Technology organizes the turnkey supply of technology/equipment for city waste treatment, waste water treatment, energy management (solar, biomass and lighting). For the end products Food and Drinking water Vidras Technology provides the dedicated technology via its technology partners.


Vidras is able to act as co-funder in selected projects. This is only applicable in projects whereby Vidras also provides technology/equipment.

Latest News

Crowdfunding Campaign

Vidras Technology has launched its crowdfunding campaig

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Scoping Mission Tanzania

In October 2019, Vidras Group has executed a scoping mi

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Vidras Group present at Sustainability Day, BNG Bank.

Vidras Group presented its sustainability solutions fo

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Feasiblity Study in Colombia

Tags : 

Vidras Group, as partner from Ecopower Solutions for Co

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China: Cooperation Partner and 2 new Projects

The consortium Vidras Technology and Archea New Energy

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MSW Visit to China

Vidras Group will visit several MSW opportunities to so

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New Opportunities in UK

Vidras is developing MSW and Trommelfines projects in t

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New recycling solutions added to the website

Vidras Group has added some new developed recycling con

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MSW visit to Peru

From November 12th to November 19th 2015

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MSW trip to Morocco

In October 2015 Vidras will visit 3 large cities in Mo

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Worldwide interests for our Autarky MSW solutions

Vidras Group started 2015 with a lot of interests for o

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